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Business Insurance in Rock Hill, Greenville & Throughout the Carolinas

CIIG offers equally affordable business insurance that protects your enterprise from unforeseen circumstances with negative financial and reputational impact. You can get general liability and commercial auto insurance, among a host of other coverages, using our Carolina-based insurance services.


Let’s look at what we have to offer you and how it will benefit your business.

Here to Serve You

With CIIG, you receive great service you can depend upon and trust. We don’t believe in pushy salespeople or confusing terms that make your head spin. And, while we can’t promise insurance is always easy to understand or fun to talk about, we do promise our Advisors are genuinely committed to helping you make informed decisions that work within your budget.


Our dedicated Advisors go the extra mile in making our service stand out. From claims and administrative details to shopping the market for the best pricing, we are committed to supporting our clients. It is our privilege to have your business; we value you and appreciate the opportunity to be your insurance broker.

Craft a plan that supports and reflects your company's vision.

Keep business thriving through accidents, lawsuits, or worse.

What is Business Insurance?

Business insurance protects your business from the financial impact of unforeseen adverse events such as property damage, loss of income, lawsuits, employee injuries and illnesses, theft, and worker’s compensation.


If any of these financially damaging events occur, your business insurance cover will reimburse your business. The reimbursement may be partial or in totality.


The business insurance our knowledgeable advisors recommend depends on how we evaluate your business’s potential risks. These vary depending on the business’s operating environment.


For small business owners, the risks of personal financial exposure in case of a business loss are higher. Therefore, a more thorough business risk assessment is needed to determine the best insurance type for the business.

Most Common Business Insurance Coverages

CIIG offers commercial coverage for businesses in the greater Carolina area. The most common business insurance commercial coverages include:

General Liability
General liability insurance covers your business from third-party claims resulting from property damage, reputational damage, advertising damage such as copyright infringement, or bodily injury. It’s also called commercial general liability insurance or business liability insurance.


Property Insurance
Commercial property insurance cover’s your business premises, its contents, and any subsequent impact on your business’s earnings in case of damaging events such as a fire, theft, or natural disaster. You can get property insurance either as “named-peril,” “open-peril,” or “special.”


Business Personal Property (BPP) Insurance
Business personal property insurance covers your business against the financial cost of repairing or replacing lost, stolen, or damaged business property, such as furniture, computers, and inventories.


Business Interruption Insurance
Business interruption insurance provides coverage against unforeseen incidents that can disrupt the normal flow of your business. These include major storms, cyberattacks, or local electrical grid problems. 


Commercial Auto Insurance
Commercial auto insurance covers the vehicles you use in your business. It provides financial coverage against accidents while accounting for the risk of the goods transported by the vehicles, such as manufactured products from your facility or direct customer deliveries.


Excess Liability Insurance
Excess liability insurance offers coverage against big, unexpected events that can have catastrophic consequences for your business. These can range from auto accidents to product liability claims.


Inland Marine
Inland marine insurance protects against damages incurred while transporting goods, materials, and equipment over land. It can also cover damages for materials, goods, and equipment temporarily warehoused by a third party.


Worker’s Compensation
Worker’s compensation covers businesses against injury claims made by employees injured during work. In some states, businesses must have worker’s compensation if they have more than one employee.


Business Owner’s Policy (BOP)
A business owner’s policy bundles several types of business insurance into one more affordable package. However, BOP does not include auto insurance, worker’s compensation, and liability insurance. 


Our advisors exhaustively analyze your business’s risks and determine if the policy works best for you.

Most Overlooked Commercial Coverages

The most commonly used business insurance commercial coverages don’t necessarily offer the most exhaustive protection. Based on your business’s insurance needs, we may also suggest you take the following coverages.

  • Cyber Liability Insurance – It compensates cyberattack victims and helps you pay for reputational or financial damages and legal costs of the attack.

  • Crime Policy – It protects your company from loss of securities, money, inventory, or other property resulting from fraud perpetrated by your employees or a third party.

  • Management Liability – It’s also known as directors and officers (D&O) liability insurance. It protects your directors and officers against legal suits made against them during their term in the business. 

  • Pollution Liability – It’s also known as environmental insurance. It helps protect your business against unexpected pollution exposures that may not be covered by standard property and casualty policies.

  • Errors and Omissions Insurance – It’s also known as professional liability insurance. It protects a business against the consequences of an omission or error by the business owner or an employee resulting in a lawsuit. 

Why Choose CIIG?

CIIG is a reputable, dependable, affordable, and trustworthy business insurance company in Rock Hill, SC. Having worked with several business owners over the years, we know how to exhaustively assess your business’s risk and offer the best-value commercial insurance policies for your business.

Our team comprises knowledgeable advisors who can assess your business’s insurance needs and ensure compliance with state and federal laws.

Work with a Reputable Commercial Insurance Provider

If you want to shield your business fully from the impact of unforeseen damaging events, seek the services of a trusted provider. Contact CIIG today for the best business owners insurance policies in Rock Hill.  

CIIG has provided Captains Preferred Products and our affiliate boating businesses with business insurance for years. We'll never trust anyone else with our insurance needs!

Ron Heisler

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