We develop personalized strategies that supports your employees and evolves to meet their needs.


Employer benefit packages were historically designed to attract and retain quality employees that consistently impact your bottom line. The question is, how well of a job have you and your benefit broker done to promote the entire benefits package to employee candidates? Our custom approach to designing a plan that not only meets the employer’s objective but the needs of the employees and their dependents too. CIIG will make sure the entire benefits package is communicated to your employees so they can appreciate the financial investment of the employer while the covered employee and dependents understand how to utilize all plans being offered during open enrollment.



Group Medical insurance coverage is often underappreciated until it is needed. The rising cost of Healthcare can be a hardship for employers, especially when trying to keep overhead at a minimum. With access to the most reputable insurance carriers in our region, we are confident we can help your business find a group medical plan that meets the needs of your employees.



Group dental insurance is a valuable benefit to employees and dependents. The right plan can help manage dental costs and minimize cardiovascular risk.



Short-Term: Short-Term Disability eases the stress of recovery from illness or off-the-job accidents by paying a percentage of the employee’s weekly income while they are off the job to focus on their recovery.


Long-Term: Long-Term Disability is designed to provide income over a long period of time while an employee recovers from serious injury or illness and prepares to return to work. Proper coverage provides a percentage of an employee’s monthly income to cover some of their monthly expenses.



Base Group Life: Whether term or cash building, Life Insurance provide employees peace of mind knowing their loved ones will be taken care of as a result of an untimely death.

Group Voluntary Life: Group Voluntary Life allows employees to choose the amount of coverage they desire based on their needs and what they can afford, which goes over & above the employer sponsored base-life insurance protection.



Providing employees with Group Voluntary Vision Insurance can be simple and affordable. While vision coverage may be viewed as a non-essential employee benefit, it is generally received with tremendous appreciation from those employees and dependents that need insurance to offset vision expenses.



Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA), Health Savings Accounts (HSA), and Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRA) have a common appeal. These types of accounts allow employees and dependents to pay for a variety of out of pocket expenses on a tax advanced basis.


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